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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Are they on a power trip or just thick?
No offense to my teacher friends and their friends...but I have real issues with the teachers here in my little town.
First time I had an issue was with Laura's 2nd grade teacher. I can't remember the entire problem, but I got to the point of talking to the principal, it was resolved. Next was Mandy's 5th grade teacher. In that situation I sent two different notes to the teacher with different problems. Finally I ended up having a meeting with the principal. Nothing was resolved. Mandy finished the school year. The next year Laura heads into 5th grade. I have already made it abundantly clear to the principal Laura is not to have that awful teacher. Turns out Laura's best friend gets her. I immediately called the mom and told her to get her daughter out of that classroom. The mom calls the principal the principal tells the mom that she has never had a complaint about this awful teacher. I shoot off an email to the principal to tell her I am hoping this was a lapse in memory and not a lie. She is in charge of a school full of small children and I wouldn't want to have to take it up in front of the school board. Laura's best friend was moved.
This year Mandy has another horrible teacher. In language arts. Mandy had a large assignment due. She is in advanced classes 2 days a week, that takes place during her language arts classes. She wasn't sure if one part was to be turned in, it was completed and in her hand. At the end of the class she asks the teacher if it needs to be turned in? The teacher told her no. The teacher then marks off 20 points on the assignment because that paper was not in the packet. This means Mandy failed the assignment. So, I tell Mandy to talk to the teacher. Tell her what happened. The teacher blows her off. So I get involved. Now a quick note in here. I work on the phones all day. I have very regimented breaks and lunch. I shoot off an email to the teacher letting her know what happened and asking her for an explanation on her reasoning. I was quite pleasant in the email, but firm that I was not happy that I needed to get involved in this matter.
The teacher writes back that she wants to talk to me. I write back, that no email is the best way to communicate with me, sitting my reasons above. The teacher then tells Mandy that I won't talk to her. I then write an email to the principal and wait for a response. In the mean time the teacher writes me that Mandy is getting an A- in the class. By this time I am truly pissed. I write back this is not acceptable since she has not answered any of my questions. I then call the principal and leave a message telling her that this is getting ridiculous, the teacher won't talk to me and that I was starting to wonder why she didn't want to put anything into writing.
Later that day the principal writes me back that she has a meeting with teacher and will have her email me. Later I login to the teacher's website to make sure Mandy really does have an A- and low and behold the 20 points are back and Mandy has an A in the class. The teacher then sends me a make nice email.
Now getting the 20 points back is great, it is better than I was expecting. I was hoping to get 10 points since it boiled down to a he said/she said situation. I was banking on the fact that Mandy had gotten an F on another assignment earlier in the quarter and nothing was said, because it was what she deserved. This is what I wanted to show the teacher. Mandy is not one to evade responsibility. Also, she should have know before the day it was due what to turn in.
Why would this teacher not talk to me? I tried to have my child deal with it. But when that failed refusing to talk to me in a form that is easiest to get the problem resolved seems idiotic. Did she think I was just going to disappear if she ignored me? Was it a power trip, if I want answers I can only get them in the mode of communication she deems appropriate?
Thank god there are only 5 1/2 more years. After that they are on their own in dealing with the proffs at college.
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Monday, October 24, 2005
Human Nature
By nature I am a student of human idiosyncrasies. I am much more comfortable sitting back and people watching than I am participating in activities. Some people find this unnerving or even unproductive. I don’t care; this is the way I am.
Because of this I have a unique perspective.
One thing I have noticed is that when you present someone with something unpleasant they will become angry with you. The old cut off the head of the messenger ploy. I was on the brunt end of this last weekend. I have not mentioned my teenage step-daughter in this blog so not to infect her negativity here. But for this story she must be mentioned. She is into drugs and drinking. My husband won’t see it for what it is. He dislikes me searching her room. Well, I search it anyways. Last week I found a little foil package with pot residue on it and a burnt piece in it. I gave it to Rick and instead of getting upset with the kid, he gets upset with me. Now he has gotten over the anger at me but it gives me something to contemplate. Why take it out on the person in front of you? I don’t think I do this. I get angry at the person that did the thing wrong. Is it a gut reaction, to lash out? I may understand the dynamics behind this, but I don’t understand the reasoning.
The other thing is with my mother and her issues. Suddenly she wants nothing to do with me or much of my family. Megan and David’s birthday party- no show. Mandy’s piano recital – showed. Halloween – Not coming. Her birthday – heard nothing. I’m getting really sick of it. It’s not fair to my husband or my step kids, or even my girls who have to watch all of this and feel guilty. Why does she not care about these children? How can she justify this to herself? Or does she even bother? I’ve read about people with no consciences. Could she be one of those?
For a student of human nature there are still so many mysteries out there. Is it environmental? Psychological? Emotion? Deliberate?
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Thursday, October 20, 2005
I just can't resist...
Dear Red States, We told you so!!!

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Sunday, October 09, 2005
Well it's confirmed. My mother did not go (and hence my father) to my cousin's graduation last June because my aunt and uncle did not go to my sister's wedding in Vegas. For those of you not up to speed check out this post from last June here. I guess I felt a little better about it when there was some doubt in my mind...the possibility that I could be wrong. But, mom confirmed my suspicions today. I had commented about how one of my other cousins had gone back to school. Mom made a remark that she doesn't talk to them anymore. After they dissed Sarah's wedding, she just dissed them. (Nice try with the lingo Mom...lose it, you're a 60 year old white lady...it just doesn't fit)
Considering I live less than a mile from their house, I really can't cut off all contact with them, but damn I want to. I would miss my dad but this crap with mom is starting to get to me. When she called everybody but me to say goodbye to my grandmother when she was dying, I about lost it. But to hurt kids (ok teenagers but still) when they have done absolutely nothing to you. How snippy and petty can you get? 5 more years and I can move...5 that's it. When Laura gets in college I am moving. I don't even care if it's somewhere else in Ohio. I just want to get away from my mom. My sister can deal with her, she doesn't seem to mind. She also doesn't have kids yet. We'll see if that changes once that happens. I just feel sorry for my dad and brother in law. Worst beating I ever got was one time I was getting in trouble for something and I looked at my dad and told him to be a man and stand up to my mother. Didn't happen then, don't think it will happen in this lifetime. Wish it would though.
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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
I just love this...
Bumper Sticker
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Sunday, October 02, 2005
How much does a normal person pay for nostalgia? By normal I mean a person who is not wondering whether they should vacation in Italy this year or go some place more exotic. Normal is a person who holds on to their falling apart car because it is paid off and they really don't want a car payment at the moment.
So, again how much do you pay for nostalgia? I was in BJ's (a wholesale club by my house) this weekend looking for a DVD my daughter want for her birthday. I was looking around and saw something that just astounded me. I saw Faerie Tale Theatre on sale. I used to watch these when I was a kid/teenager. They were wonderful stories. Classic fairy tales performed by big name stars such as Robin Williams.
Now I would have bought it instantly but it was over $40. I put it down and walked away but I am still thinking about it. I told my husband about it, my sister, my mother, my kids...everyone. Is $40 a reasonable amount to pay for nostalgia? I don't have a lot of money...enough...but still. I have thought of these programs several times over the years. Is it worth $40 to watch them whenever I want? I am still wrestling with that question.
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