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Saturday, May 09, 2009
Bookstore Fail
Hubby and I had a date night last night. Nothing big, we went to Outback and had dinner then went over to Border's to browse around.
Now I've been reading a lot online about Fibro, but these websites only have so much bandwidth so they really can't post a book's worth of info on the web. So I've been looking online at books to buy. Unless it's an author I know though, I usually prefer to look at the books before I buy them.
So, last night I wander over to the health section and start looking for the Fibro books. (this is where the fail comes in) Where do I find them? On the shelf that basically sits on the floor. I had to get down on the floor to actually look at them, and the get back up. That's painful!! Yes, the occasional non-fibro person may buy these books, but for the most part it's going to be people with Fibro that want to buy them.
Now I know that the people at Border's did not set out to cause people with Fibro pain, or make things inconvenient for them. They are following some sort of plan-o-gram I'm sure. It just annoys me though that corporate drone-ism overcomes actual caring about the customers and knowing what they sell and why.
Oh-well, I told the guy at the checkout about the bad placement. He said he would tell the manager. Next time I go in we'll see if it did any good.
posted by Raven @ 8:15 AM  
  • At May 09, 2009 9:15 AM, Blogger SkylersDad said…

    "I'll tell the manager" is drone speak for move along, it's almost time for my break.

  • At May 10, 2009 10:53 PM, Blogger bubbles said…

    I hope he does. That would be so cool. Personally, I believe there are those rare moments in life where it all fits together - only because someone was where they were at the right time. That's just me.

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