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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
First Amendment and Jobs
I have a friend who was fired today. He had just uprooted his family and moved to a new city, rented a house, put his kids in a new school to take this job. Two weeks in, they fire him. Why? Not because he didn't do his job, not because he was unqualified or called off sick or any other reason like that...he was fired for exercising his first amendment rights.

They fired him because they didn't like the content of his blog!

Can he sue over this...I've looked online and I can't find anything definitive...so I would think not. It seems that employers can fire you for commenting on things during your off hours if they don't like it. I would encourage him to contact the local news outlets though and get his story heard. This has got to end. Unless you are making threats, I personally think it should be illegal to be able to fire someone for these kids of things.

That's my opinon...if the ORLANDO PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEM does like it...tough noogies.
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Monday, August 20, 2007
Planning my Demise
So, what are you planning over Labor Day Weekend? Me? Well, I'm planning on driving to another state and slowly killing myself. I'm trying to figure out why I thought this would be fun...but the trip has been paid for and I am now locked into going.

How am I going to meet my demise you may ask...badly I'm sure. With much moaning and whimpering. If I'm lucky I'll go quickly on an overdose of wine and aspirin.

The girls and I are going white water rafting and horse back riding on Saturday and Sunday or Labor Day Weekend. I have a fear of water, but I think I will be OK because the give you these ginourmous life vests. What I really think will kill me is my poor out of shape body screaming in protest at the abuse I am going to heap upon it. Then I am expected to drive home 5 hours on Monday. I told the girls we will be holding rock/paper/scissor tournaments to see who gets to untwist Mom from around the steering wheel every hour or so and make her walk.

I wonder if the people at the rafting place would give me back my deposit if I claimed another, more in shape, personality made the reservation? Somehow...I doubt it.

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