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Sunday, October 09, 2005
Well it's confirmed. My mother did not go (and hence my father) to my cousin's graduation last June because my aunt and uncle did not go to my sister's wedding in Vegas. For those of you not up to speed check out this post from last June here. I guess I felt a little better about it when there was some doubt in my mind...the possibility that I could be wrong. But, mom confirmed my suspicions today. I had commented about how one of my other cousins had gone back to school. Mom made a remark that she doesn't talk to them anymore. After they dissed Sarah's wedding, she just dissed them. (Nice try with the lingo Mom...lose it, you're a 60 year old white lady...it just doesn't fit)
Considering I live less than a mile from their house, I really can't cut off all contact with them, but damn I want to. I would miss my dad but this crap with mom is starting to get to me. When she called everybody but me to say goodbye to my grandmother when she was dying, I about lost it. But to hurt kids (ok teenagers but still) when they have done absolutely nothing to you. How snippy and petty can you get? 5 more years and I can move...5 that's it. When Laura gets in college I am moving. I don't even care if it's somewhere else in Ohio. I just want to get away from my mom. My sister can deal with her, she doesn't seem to mind. She also doesn't have kids yet. We'll see if that changes once that happens. I just feel sorry for my dad and brother in law. Worst beating I ever got was one time I was getting in trouble for something and I looked at my dad and told him to be a man and stand up to my mother. Didn't happen then, don't think it will happen in this lifetime. Wish it would though.
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  • At October 11, 2005 8:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'll start lookin' around for apartments for ya' in anticipation... :) Somethin' similar happened when my mom passed: suddenly all the fambly sentiment shifted against me. You'll be amazed how a lil' distance can improve things, tho...

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