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Tuesday, April 08, 2008
I'm Baaaack!!!
Well, the surgery went well. I don't care much for any kind of medical visit. I only freaked out once during the pre-op...and got angry once during the post-op...so Hubby thought I was doing pretty well.
The pre-op...no one warned me that I would need a shot of Heparin...IN MY STOMACH!!! The thought of it still makes me tear up. I completely freaked out and was ready to walk out. They could have put that shot just about anywhere else on my body and I would have been fine...but my stomach?! They finally called my doctor who said, fine...but it in her thigh. Still not great...but I was willing to let that one happen.
Surgery goes off without a hitch. I wake up in the nearly empty maternity ward. The only reason I think they put me in there is because they knew I was a smoker and would attempt to escape. What made me angry though were the damn intercoms. When I'm sick or injured I need sleep to recover. I would just start drifting off and the damn intercom behind my bed would go off with them calling someone to another room. After about the 5th time of being woken up like this I got mad. Hubby had gone to get the kids from school so I had no one to stop me. I got up and put on my sweatpants and did 5 laps around the floor, right past the nurses station. Dragging along my IV and shuffling my feet...but I did it. I also managed to drag my butt into the bathroom for a couple of hit on a smoke (I know bad Raven...but I was stressing out by this point.) I had also already eaten a pretty decent sized meal and hadn't puked. They couldn't keep me anymore. So as soon as Hubby showed back up I told him to go tell the nurses to call transport and got the hell out of there.
I've been living on percoset and other "home" medications for the last few days. Today is the first time I really feel like I can sit somewhere besides the couch.
So, I'm up and moving...thanks to everyone for the good wishes. Those always help.
posted by Raven @ 1:14 PM  
  • At April 08, 2008 2:03 PM, Blogger SkylersDad said…

    So glad that you are back home and doing OK Raven, let me know if you have any leftover percoset!!

  • At April 09, 2008 12:52 AM, Blogger 'Bubbles' said…

    Hi Raven

    Welcome back! I'm so glad everything went well (as well as can be expected, I suppose), and that you have good pain meds!!

    Take good care of yourself.

  • At April 09, 2008 7:54 AM, Blogger Raven said…

    Sky & Bubbles - IThanks...I'm happy to be home! I have more pain meds than I know what to do with at the moment. Hubby has left over Vicodin from a dental procedure earlier this month. I have the percoset and Tylonol 3 (with codine) from the doctor's appointments and surgery. The only one I really like though is the percoset. The others make me feel "funny".

  • At April 09, 2008 10:31 AM, Blogger Cap'n Ergo Jinglebollocks said…

    patients like you always made me nuts when I was a nursing assistant. Then again, with your cranky determination you'll live to be 120 while submisive wretches like me will be dead by 40... which is October, so I guess I'd better do some livin'.

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