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Sunday, June 05, 2005
Had it!
I've had it way up to here (pointing to about 5 feet over my head). Thanks to finding my biological parents I know I am prone to early menopause and if my level of pissed offedness is any indication I am in some serious need of estrogen.
Let's start on the home front. My girls are making me nuts. They are 13 and almost 12 and the basically leave everything for me to do and pick up. No thoughts to cleaning up after themselves. Nothing. This past week I went on strike. Told them if they wanted clean dishes, clean clothes, and to be allowed to have friends over they will wash their own and clean the place up. We will see how that ends up.
Next, this weekend my youngest cousin graduated from high school. They live about 2 hours from us. We got down there not long after the graduation for a family dinner and then her party. We are the only family that showed up. My mom and dad did not go, neither did my sister. That just sucks. My cousin couldn't help that she was the youngest. I have a feeling that this maybe in retaliation for her family not coming to my sister's wedding in Vegas. Which again, sucks because my cousin had no control over that.
I tried to make up for it by telling her how much I wouldn't miss her graduation party and gave her money and a cute gift. But I am sure that she felt the rejection. On that note, I have already cut off a lot of ties to Mom because of what she did to me after the adoption thing. Because of this I will cut more. I feel sorry for my dad because he basically just follows along. Instead of inviting them out for Father's Day/Jen's birthday celebration I am just going to send dad flowers and a card. I am not even going to mention going out anywhere. I don't want to be around my mother until I can get my emotions under control. I don't need the stress of dealing with playing nice for the kids sakes, especially Laura.
On a funny note, my uncle noticed all of my gray hair and was commenting on how old it made him feel. I just looked at him and asked how he thought it made me feel?!
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  • At June 05, 2005 7:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Move South. It's too damned hot to worry 'bout this sorta' stuff... <:-}

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