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Thursday, January 18, 2007
Are you one of THOSE people???
Are you some one that yells at the waitress when your steak isn't cooked to your liking? Are you one that gets ticked at the check out people when something doesn't ring up right? Do you get pissed off when something you ordered doesn't show up within two days and call to vent?
Then you are one of THOSE people. One of those people who have caused me to drink, get grey hair and generally want to do away with the human race.
I work in customer service. It is not my fault that UPS lost your shipment. It's not my fault that there is an ice storm and shipments got delayed. It's not my fault you put in a back order cancellation date, but didn't really want items cancelled. It's not my fault that...well, it's just not my fault. I just answer the god damn phones.
What ever happened to your items was not done by me. I will gladly try to fix it, but don't yell at me, don't get snippy with me, and don't comment that I am sounding annoyed when you do these things. It just pisses me off and makes me less likely to help you!
Now excuse me while I go get another glass of wine and make an appointment with my dentist. I think I broke a tooth today while grinding my teeth.
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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
The Unneeded Taxi Driver
My kids are getting older. I try not to complain too much about driving them around to different functions because in a couple of years (or less) they are going to be driving and I will be sitting home and worrying about them.

Tuesday nights are usually bagpipe practice nights. My mom will take Laura, then come get Mandy, then drop Laura off, then I go get Mandy. Well last night Mandy had a school newspaper meeting so she did not go to practice. Mom comes and gets Laura, 10 minutes later I leave with Mandy. By this point there is no reason to go home since I would have to go get Laura. (when only one goes I usually pick them up). So at the half hour mark I go to where the lessons are and wait for her to come out. After about 15 minutes I wondering where the heck she is. So just on a whim I call the house. Laura answers. Mom took her home.
I head back to the high school as Mandy's meeting will be letting out soon. She is supposed to call me to come get her. Well, 5 minutes after I get there my phone rings...Mandy is at home. She caught a ride with a friend. I could hear the sitcom laugh track in the background of my life at this point.
So, all of that time out of the house and no one really needed me. sigh...
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Thursday, January 11, 2007
Box of Rocks

It's rush at work. All of the colleges across the land are heading into second semester and need books. So they call us. We usually bring in a few temps during this time to help with the increased work load. For one reason or another we had problems this time. Finally we got our 5th choice to take the job. She comes in and starts training. Turns out she's dumber than a Box of Rocks.
Boss Man calls me into his office and tells me her thinks Box of Rocks (BoR) is intimidated by her trainer and wants her to sit with me. I eyeball him a moment and then tell him I don't think that's a good idea. I'm not that unintimidating myself, plus I have a low threshold for fools. Boss Man tells me to just do it.
Do, I take BoR over to my desk and get her plugged into my phone. We go through a few phone calls, me explaining everything step by step. After a bit I start quizzing her little. "So, if a customer calls in and wants to check stock, what do you type into the command line?" Blank stare from the Bor. "Right here...what do you type? I'll give a hint, it starts with I" Blank stare...sigh (and for those of you wondering you type II...so the question was pretty damn easy.)

So after awhile we are talking (I've basically given up training at this point and am just letting her sit at my desk) and she tells me about the classes she is taking out at the local community college. She commented on how overwhelmed she was by the class teaching Windows 2000. My jaw almost hit the desk. Overwhelmed? By Wind owes 2000? Our system is an old clunky A/S 400 based dinosaur. You need to be quick and nimble fingered to do well.

Now I am not heartless. Maybe she needs the money. So I go into Boss Man's office and let him know that she will never ever be able to get on the phone. Maybe she can do something repetitive, like paper orders. No checking stock, no looking up back orders, nice and easy. We also decide she can fax invoices to people, that also very easy.
I was so WRONG!!! She did a total of 12 order yesterday. 12!!! I can do 12 in half an hour while I'm on the phone. She did 12 in 8 hours. I took 81 orders yesterday. 163 phone calls, did my cancelled line report, bargain book reports, handle minor issues like damaged books. We aren't even asking her to do a fraction of this. sigh...
When I saw what she had done yesterday (or not done as the case may be) I went to Boss Man and told him he needed to get rid of her. Her salary comes out of the department budget, which, in the end, works out to whether we get raises at the end of the year. We don't mind this if she was actually contributing enough to pay her salary, but she's not. Boss Man was a little skeptical about bringing some else in at this late date. I told him to just leave the position empty, we are covering everything anyways. Boss Man said he'll think about it. We'll see what tomorrow brings.
On the same note, I told hubby all of this and what I have been saying to Boss Man. Hubby is starting to think he needs to send a sympathy card to Boss Man for having to deal with me.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007
I found it again!
I just love this video. Many months ago I had a link to it...but this time I found it on YouTube!
The first time I watched this I almost fell out of my chair laughing!


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Sunday, January 07, 2007
I'm still here...
Just not much happening at the moment. Things are busy ar work, it's rush. Kids are doing well...just really boring at the moment. I have a few things I'm working on, but I'm still not happy with them to post them.
Hope everything is going well with everone.
I promise to have a real post soon!
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