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Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Valentine's Day
Actually hubby and aren't celebrating until Friday, but I started to think this throught today and got a chuckle. Hubby and I are going out to dinner and to a play. This is the difference between men and women...
Celebrating Valentine's Day Expenditure of Time

Shopping for outfit...2 hours
Trying on different combinations of the two outfits you bought....1/2 hour
Shopping for accessories...1 hour
Getting Hair done...1 hour
Eyebrows waxed...1/4 hour
nails done...1 hour
shower and makeup...1 hour
Shopping for card... 1/4 hour
Putting together gift... 1 hour
making reservations for dinner...1/4 hour

Take shower...5 minutes
Put on suit, shoes, tie, cologne, and brush hair... 10 minutes
Call florist to deliver flowers...15 minutes
Get card...15 minutes

OK so I am spending 8 1/4 hours getting ready for this date and hubby is spending about 45 minutes. (sigh)
Very silly isn't it?
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Sunday, February 05, 2006
Banging head on desk...
(while banging my head on the desk) Hubby is a dip wit...hubby is a dip wit...
OK Let's think this one through. Hubby, the girls and I are getting ready to go to Wally World. I am sitting at the dining room table looking through a Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog. Hubby asks if I am ready to leave. I close the catalog, leaving it on the table. Put on my coat. Go out the door. The only one left in the house is the 17 year old, who leaves not too long after us.
We come home from Wally World...my catalog is gone. Now, there are two possibilities here.
1. A burglar came into our house while we were gone and took nothing but the catalog. Did not take the TV, stereo, $3,000 worth of DVD's, iPods, DVD players, nothing but that catalog.
2. The teenager took it.
I want it back, there is something I wanted to order in it that I had not seen on the web site. I tell hubby to call her and get it back. He doesn't think she took it...guess he believes in the first option. What do you think?
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Thursday, February 02, 2006
Trying to get back in the saddle
It's been a long time since I updated. With Christmas and the rest of the holidays I just didn't have the time or energy to update. Once all of that passed I was out of the habit. I'm going to try and get back in it. I need my little blog. It helps get the annoying things out of my brain before they explode.
Christmas was fun. Hubby loved all of his stuff. He is really enjoying the XM radio on his long drives every week. He got me an iPod Shuffle that I love. It's one of the smaller ones but I really didn't want anything that would frustrate me, I just wanted it to play my songs! The kids all liked their stuff. I got Mandy and quesidilla maker that she loves. Only problem is now we are constantly buying tortillas for her.
New Year's was a blast. We had the neighbors over. We played games and drank and just had a great time.
Mandy just turned 14. Hard to believe she is going to be going into High School next year. Laura has turned into a little goth girl. She's not wearing the heavy eyeliner and not smiling, but her clothing choices have definitely gone over to the 'dark' side. It's actually kind of cute.
Speaking of Laura. Issues between her and mom and me. Laura has strange hair. First off at the age of 12 she has some gray hairs in there. He hair also turns dye a reddish orange color. So, we dyed it pink last summer. It took awhile, but it faded to an orangey color. Mom took her to a beautician and had it dyed back to her original brown. Still went reddish/orange. Laura is sick of it and wants to get rid of the red hair. We talked about it and I told her we could try black dye, and then spelled out the possible consequences to her about black hair dye. She was game, I told her to think about it for awhile though before she made a decision.
Well of course she told mom about this plan. Now mom is campaigning to make her change her mind. First she wanted Laura to wait until she could try on a black wig to see how she would look. Reasonable enough, I told Laura to tell her we would go to the mall and try one on. Next she told her only druggies dye their hair black...ummm...no usually they go blonde because it strips all of the chemicals and stuff out of their hair. Next she told her that this would put three layers of dye on her hair and could cause it to fall out. A lot of the first dye is already gone, Laura keeps her hair pretty short and has had it cut a couple of times since last summer. I don't think mom realizes that her campaign is having the opposite effect on Laura. We are going to the mall this weekend and I think we will probably end up dying it Sunday night. I already bought the dye.
I think I managed to talk Mandy out of taking AP science next year. I had already told her she could only take 2 of the 3 classes offered. I let her know that no matter what she would end up having to retake science in college, why stress herself out over it in high school. I think she is relieved because the AP class dissects a pig while the normal class goes no further than a frog.
Many people look at me a little strangely about me holding Mandy back like this. They don't understand. Mandy has never had to study much for anything. She has an almost photographic memory that has made school very easy for her. I think next year is going to be a bit of a shock and eye opener for her and I don't want her to flake out or burn out in the first year. The few times Mandy has had issues with some math or science problem, she gets very frustrated/upset if she doesn't "get" it in 5 minutes. I don't need her going through an entire year like that. I want her to have some fun in high school plus she is talking about joining the cross country team.
Laura on the other hand considers school a great social place, and wishes they would quit interrupting it with work. I swear she gets more phone calls that the other kids combined. As long as I see her working for her grades, I don't really care. She is the type who will land on her feet no matter what. I think she would be a great PR person. She is wonderful with people and just about everyone loves her.
Well, I think that is about it for now. Hubby and I are going out to Brasa for Valentine's day and then to see Romeo and Juliet and the Playhouse. Life is puttering along pretty nicely at the moment. We'll see what the future brings.
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