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Sunday, June 26, 2005
Just One thing to say
Kids are at camp...kids are at camp...kids are at camp...pardon me while I go tap dance on the coffee table!
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Thursday, June 23, 2005
Too Liberal?
I signed the petition that was circulated my moveon.org to not cut the budget for public broadcasting and NPR. I really don't have time to watch much TV and I really don't listen to much radio. I did it out of nostalgia for days when I would watch Sesame Street, Electric Company, Via Alegra on PBS. My children also watched Sesame Street and other shows. I am a big believe in these programs, they are non-violent, they help kids learn, they expand horizons.
Well, I look on the web tonight and there is an article stating they are not going to cut the funding..yipee! But, as was reading the article there was a quote at the bottom about the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Kenneth Y. Tomlinson (a GOP appointee by the way) stating he thought public broadcasting was too liberal. Too Liberal?
Big Bird is perpetually 6 years old. SIX! What is liberal about Big Bird. I know these shows have updated with the times. Cookie Monster is eating healthier meals, Mr. Snuffalupugus is no longer invisible, hell, there are rumors that Bert and Ernie are a "non-traditional" family. These are things kids deal with on a daily basis, this is not liberal, this is life. What is liberal about small children? I think Kenneth Y. Tomlinson has been spending too much time with Oscar the Grouch.
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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Just amazingly busy
This week is nuts. Let's see. I found another house here in my town that I just love. It's only a little more expensive than the one we have now. I am having realtors come over this week and tell me how much we could sell my house/lot for. This necessitates some deep cleaning. So, I have that to do. Then, the kiddies are leaving for camp on Sunday so I have to buy all the stuff and pack for them. Another big chore. Such fun!
On top of everything I am trying to keep my plants watered and pay a few bills. A book I've been waiting for comes out today. Since all I really have time to read at home are text books, I read a lot in the car and at work on breaks. So, if you get stuck behind me at a light, and I don't notice it turned green, I apologize now. Hey Orange...do text books count for reading?
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Saturday, June 11, 2005
OK, I have this one neighbor that makes me absolutely nuts. She is, of course, the neighborhood gossip. She hacked the hell out of my roses. Her son is almost perfect. (and when he wasn't he was grounded to his room for a week and I mean not even allowed out for meals) So, she seems to think she can tell me what to do. OK I am ten years (at least) younger than her but ummmm, no, they are my kids, my rules.
For instance...Mandy and I need to got to Wally World to get her some tennis shoes. Laura is playing over with the youngest neighbor's kid. I send Mandy's over to ask Laura if she would like to go to Wally World and if not to let her know I would have my cell phone on me if she needed me. Pain in the Ass neighbor (PA for short now) comes over a day or two later to ask that if I am going to have her watch Laura to let her know where I was going and when I would be home. I was a little taken aback but tried to explain to her I did not leave my child with her, Laura is old enough to be home alone for several hours at a time now and she knew where I was going and how to get a hold of me. PA just didn't understand, so now Laura has to either go with me to where ever I am going or come home from playing with PA's kid.
Then today she invited Laura to go to the pool with her and her son. Well we told Laura that Mandy might want to go as well. Well Laura runs over and then comes back and says that neither of them (Laura or Mandy) can go unless I go. Forget that. This is the second summer that the girls can go to the pool by themselves. I told them if they want to go, I'll drive them up there and they can walk home. Of course I'm sure this pissed of PA since I wasn't there. I hear she was also giving older daughter the hairy eyeball in her swim suit. It's a bikini. A moment here to explain. Mandy is 5'5" tall and weighs less than 100lbs. A one piece swimsuit just doesn't fit her. She has to wear bikinis to swim at all. Plus she is starting to develop, so they look good on her. Let the kid wear them, it's still innocent and in another 2 or 3 years she is going to be more self conscience about her looks and shape.
This woman is going to make me nuts. She better not come over here tonight saying anything about the girls being at the pool!
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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
School is out! Well, actually the last day for the kids was last Friday, but I had other issues to deal with over the weekend. But, now that school is out, and my kids are older and want to sleep in to the middle of the morning/afternoon, I can sleep in. Because of the rotating schedule at work some days I will get to sleep in a lot. Such as tomorrow. I don't have to be to work until 10am so I can sleep until just after 7am. Much nicer than while school was in session and no matter what time I went in to work I still had to get up at 5:45 so I could start waking kids up at 6.
Let's see what else is going on. I got my little window herb garden going. I have oregano, chives, and chocolate mint. I am quite pleased with it. I am going to buy a few more pots over the weekend and try and get a few more plants in. I'm not sure what yet.
My school is still going going going. Almost done. Graduate in July...in Phoenix...I can't wait.
Today was the first day the kids had chores to do. For the most part they got done. Laura is doing the dishes right now because she didn't do them this morning. That's all for now.
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Sunday, June 05, 2005
Had it!
I've had it way up to here (pointing to about 5 feet over my head). Thanks to finding my biological parents I know I am prone to early menopause and if my level of pissed offedness is any indication I am in some serious need of estrogen.
Let's start on the home front. My girls are making me nuts. They are 13 and almost 12 and the basically leave everything for me to do and pick up. No thoughts to cleaning up after themselves. Nothing. This past week I went on strike. Told them if they wanted clean dishes, clean clothes, and to be allowed to have friends over they will wash their own and clean the place up. We will see how that ends up.
Next, this weekend my youngest cousin graduated from high school. They live about 2 hours from us. We got down there not long after the graduation for a family dinner and then her party. We are the only family that showed up. My mom and dad did not go, neither did my sister. That just sucks. My cousin couldn't help that she was the youngest. I have a feeling that this maybe in retaliation for her family not coming to my sister's wedding in Vegas. Which again, sucks because my cousin had no control over that.
I tried to make up for it by telling her how much I wouldn't miss her graduation party and gave her money and a cute gift. But I am sure that she felt the rejection. On that note, I have already cut off a lot of ties to Mom because of what she did to me after the adoption thing. Because of this I will cut more. I feel sorry for my dad because he basically just follows along. Instead of inviting them out for Father's Day/Jen's birthday celebration I am just going to send dad flowers and a card. I am not even going to mention going out anywhere. I don't want to be around my mother until I can get my emotions under control. I don't need the stress of dealing with playing nice for the kids sakes, especially Laura.
On a funny note, my uncle noticed all of my gray hair and was commenting on how old it made him feel. I just looked at him and asked how he thought it made me feel?!
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