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Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Cowards in the Neighborhood
Guess what I got in today's mail! An anonymous note!! How special! The envelope was a plain white business size, made out to Resident and our address. Someone had typed it up and then taped it to the envelope. Inside was a small slip of paper (guess we aren't worth a whole sheet) with this typed on it,
"It is not Christmas anymore.....
Be respectful of your neighbors, I am one of them.
Keep our street looking great."
My first though was not a pleasent one...several very vulgar words tripped through my brain. But I did not react to them. My next thought was to run out to Drug Mart and get some window markers and write "Bite Me!" on my front windows. That is still a possibility.
Now I will admit my outside Christmas decorations are still up. They have not been on though since a day or two after New Years. Since then we have either been fridgedly cold, flooded, or really really busy. The decorations aren't hurting anyone. I don't even have a lot of them. A couple of strings of lights, a light up plastic Santa, and a small inflatable that's been flat (and mostly buried in snow) since New Years.
So, I have several ideas in mind on what to do in retaliation for this cowardly letter. But, I finally agreed with my hubby on the best thing to do...I went outside and turned the decorations back on.
I want to make sure they know I got the letter!
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Saturday, February 16, 2008
What the...
Who wakes up in worse condition than when they went to bed? OK, I can see in some cases like being drunk...waking up in worse condition...there might be a few others. But I am trying to figure out how I managed it. I was not drunk, hadn't sone any major physical exertion...hubby wasn't home so the trapeeze wasn't in play. I woke up on Valentine's Day with my back tied up in knots.
Now thankfully it's my upper back and around my neck, not my lower back. So I can twist at the waist...but do not ask me to move my arms above my head or move my head more than the smallest amount.
I struggled through work on Valentine's Day. I ate over the counter pain killers like they were candy. I went drug seeking to a friend who has 2 nurses in her family...struck out. I went home and lived in the bathtub for several hours.
I went to bed with heating pads on my back and neck. Woke up the next morning...no better. Damn...
I wasn't going to spend that day sitting at work in pain, so I took the day off. I spent the morning sitting in my living room trying to determine if I could manage to get dressed for a trip to Walgreens. I did finally managed to get dressed, but I couldn't manage shoes...so I went in my slippers. I got to Walgreens got more heating pads and the strongest over the counter drugs I could manage. I did ask the pharmacist if they were giving away any free samples of vicodin...no luck there.
I managed to get back home...sat in my driveway for awhile trying to get up the nerve to go through the stabbing pain it caused trying to get out of the damn van. I finally got in the house and pput the new heating pads on...which no matter what they say DO NOT STICK!!! So I strapped them on with a bunch of cursing, wincing, and duck tape!
Dinner last night was Chinese take out. No way I was cooking!
This morning I'm actually feeling better. I managed to take a shower, which helped. The most painful thing so far has been taking the old heating pad off and putting on a new one. That involved a teenager ripping off the old duck tape and putting a new layer on. I think they enjoyed it, the little brats.
So, I'm back up and moving...but I still want to know what the hell happened? Is this part of getting older? Or did my dreams involve beating the shit out of me a few nights ago.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
I think someone is going to get fired over this one
Went on my local news station website and what do I find...


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Monday, February 04, 2008
Let's see...
What's going on in my life at the moment. Nothing particularly good...
I take that back, there are a few good things. Dorky Daughter turned 16 last month. Gods help us all. She has started driver's ed. She also got her top braces off. She is learning to talk again! The retainer makes it a bit hard.
The other good news is I've found several members of my Dad's family. My parent's cut them out many many years ago for some unknown reason. After the fiasco this past spring with my mom and her family...I decided to start looking for Dad's family. Mom is not a dependable witness as to acceptable family behavior. Her reasons for cutting out her own brother are ridiculous...I'm betting the reasons for cutting out Dad's family are just as bad. SO!! I looked around depending on 30 year old memories, and half remebered names. I finally struck pay dirt on Facebook.com when I found someone I pegged as one of my cousins. I was right...and now I've found a whole bunch of relatives! Yeah!!!
That's about it for the good. Now on to the sucks...
Work sucks...there was an error made that cost the company about $20,000 in gross margin. I had a very small part in the error...but most of it happened out in the warehouse. I have the feeling they would love to pin the fault on me, but I have way too much documentation showing where the fuck up actually happened. Love that CYA mentality! My boss called me into her office about a week ago to discuss the problem. Thankfully I had all my ducks in a row. She made a comment about how a company that only clears $100,000 a year...losing $20,000 is a big deal. I just sat there making small noises about yes it was a big deal...we need to get the process fixed...all the while thinking what kind of company sells $10,000,000 in product a month and can't make a $100,000 profit a year...who's fault is that? (And no...we aren't a non-profit)
To top that...right when that suck was at it's height and I was completly bummed...I got another hit that dwarfed it. We went to visit my mother-in-law and while we were up there she tells us she has breast cancer. I'm closer to my mother-in-law that I am to my own mother. That really hit hard. She starts chemo this week. Hopefully things will go well. She didn't let anyone go with her to the doctor's appointments, so we hope she is telling us the truth when she says she had a good prognosis. She would say that just so we wouldn't worry.
Hearing that basically made my problem at work almost disappear.
Sorry for not writing in awhile, I've been trying to sort things out in my own brain. So, after writing all of this out...I feel better. I need to get my positive attitude back...starting tomorrow when I walk into work!
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