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Tuesday, June 21, 2005
Just amazingly busy
This week is nuts. Let's see. I found another house here in my town that I just love. It's only a little more expensive than the one we have now. I am having realtors come over this week and tell me how much we could sell my house/lot for. This necessitates some deep cleaning. So, I have that to do. Then, the kiddies are leaving for camp on Sunday so I have to buy all the stuff and pack for them. Another big chore. Such fun!
On top of everything I am trying to keep my plants watered and pay a few bills. A book I've been waiting for comes out today. Since all I really have time to read at home are text books, I read a lot in the car and at work on breaks. So, if you get stuck behind me at a light, and I don't notice it turned green, I apologize now. Hey Orange...do text books count for reading?
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  • At June 29, 2005 8:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Oh, yeah? Well here's MY story:

    I'm teaching summer skool (which is a drag 'cuz who ya gonna GET in summer skool but the boobs and windbags who flunked regular school?), and when I'm done HERE I spend about a half hour travelin' to da' mall where I work at the bookstore for 8 hours. I get up @ 6:45, leave 'bout 7, and return home 'bout 1 AM only to get up an' do it all ay-gain. PLUS Panda has a national-level beauty pageant PLUS our teeny lil' apt is stuffed with boxes PLUS I've got my OWN classroom to begin preparin' for when the kids hit the door in the fall...

    Well, lookit the bright side: ifn' y'all move, you won't have them damned teeny-weenie STEPS to go up n' down anymo'!!

    And I DO symphathize re: the cleaning: THATS gonna be a chore, wid all 'dem kids...

    Maybe you DO got it worse!!

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