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Wednesday, January 17, 2007
The Unneeded Taxi Driver
My kids are getting older. I try not to complain too much about driving them around to different functions because in a couple of years (or less) they are going to be driving and I will be sitting home and worrying about them.

Tuesday nights are usually bagpipe practice nights. My mom will take Laura, then come get Mandy, then drop Laura off, then I go get Mandy. Well last night Mandy had a school newspaper meeting so she did not go to practice. Mom comes and gets Laura, 10 minutes later I leave with Mandy. By this point there is no reason to go home since I would have to go get Laura. (when only one goes I usually pick them up). So at the half hour mark I go to where the lessons are and wait for her to come out. After about 15 minutes I wondering where the heck she is. So just on a whim I call the house. Laura answers. Mom took her home.
I head back to the high school as Mandy's meeting will be letting out soon. She is supposed to call me to come get her. Well, 5 minutes after I get there my phone rings...Mandy is at home. She caught a ride with a friend. I could hear the sitcom laugh track in the background of my life at this point.
So, all of that time out of the house and no one really needed me. sigh...
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