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Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Dribs and Drabs...
Lots of little things going on, nothing big at the moment...
The trade show was a blast. We worked from 6:30am to 5:30pm everyday in registration. Then we would go to dinner as a group...then the parties would start. I drank more in 4 days than I have in the last 3 years combined. That's a lot!
I met so many people that I talk to on the phone. It's so nice to be able to put faces with names now. Of course no one looks like how you picture them.
We are getting ready to go to the inlaws for Easter. (Yippee, we get to go to Easter Mass!) We are also going to celebrate my and a few other people's birthday's up there. That should be a lot of fun!
Mandy is now talking about becoming a vegetarian. I laughed at her. This is the kid we can't get to eat vegetables...the main ingredient in VEGEtarian. I told her she better learn how to cook because I am not making special dinners just for her.
We went out this weekend to the Natural History Museum and saw a dinosaur named Sue. A big old huge T-Rex fossil. It was very awe inspiring. I hadn't been to that museum in at least 25 years. The funny part was when we were watching a pendulum, this older (read older than dirt) volunteer came up and started explaining about the pendulum to us as if we were 5...not just the girls, me too. Seeing I am now headed towards 40, I found this rather annoying. We humored her though, at least until the pendulum knocked down the domino we were waiting on.
Tons of meetings at work right now...all of them a complete waste of time. I've tried talking, whining, begging and just about everything else I can think of to get out of these meetings. So far, no go. (sigh)
Hubby is coming home tonight, so I am very excited...in the last 15 days we have seen each other during one day. The day I came back from the trade show and slept most of the day.
So, I may or may not be back before Easter...if not...have a great and safe holiday!
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