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Saturday, February 24, 2007
What do you do when you really don't want to spend time with your own mother? Tonight is poker night.

We are having my folks, my sister and her hubby over to play poker and other games. Usually we have the neighbors over as well, this time they had to bail for various reasons. Too bad, they are a good buffer.

I am just not looking forward to having my mother in my house. She makes me nuts. I miss the rest of my family, because I do not want to associate with my mother...but for my own mental health I just won't give in.

I think my mother has gotten the point. She set up this night by calling hubby directly and he is not as adept at side stepping her as I am.

Because I have to do this tonight I have decided we are going to Hubby's family's for Easter. I made the excuse that it is my MIL first Easter alone. No one has said anything to me about that. (We usually alternate between hubby and my family every year for Easter...we went up last year and then his father died a week late so technically this year we were supposed to stay here with my family)

So, we are cleaning up the house, preparing food, bought liquor, and I've got my headache medicine all ready to go. Wish me luck!
PS. On the fun side of life...Hubby called me a soccer mom last week and I went and got my hair dyed punk red. I'll post a picture soon.


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