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Monday, July 18, 2005
Damn, vacation is over for the moment
Well, Hubby goes back to Albany tomorrow. It's been nice having him home for the last 9 days. Went to Soak City and Cedar Point. I love Soak City, which is surprising. I don't like water. I didn't learn to swim until I was in middle school. Hell, my mom says I didn't sit down in the bathtub until I was 5. So the idea of me enjoying a water park is enough to make most people who know me shake their heads in wonder. But they have this great thing called a lazy river. You sit in an inner tube and float around this river. Now it is a little more work for me because I want to avoid the things they have that squirt, drop, or otherwise get you wet above the water line. But I still love it.
Cedar Point was fun. Hot, but fun. We probably spent around $50 on bottled water to keep us all hydrated. The new ride this year, Max Air, was a blast. The kids are finally old enough, and getting brave enough to ride the roller coasters.
We stayed at Holiday Inn in Sandusky. It was a little room but it had a private rom for Hubby and me, and then another room with bunk beds for the kids. The place also had free indoor putt-putt so the kids kept busy and a halfway decent resturant.
My two girls leave on vacation soon with my folks. They will meet up with us in Phoenix for my graduation. Then we will all go to the Grand Canyon. Another nice vacation.
Well, back to work. I have to get a good grade in this class and I've wasted enough time tonight.
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  • At July 20, 2005 9:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    park-going suggestion from a coupla' Floridians who just did two intensively HOT days at the House o' Da Mouse: BUY YOUR OWN BOTTLED WATER, FREEZE IT AT HOME AND PUT IT IN A BACKPACK BEFORE HEADING OUT TO THE PARK. It'll make a hell of a lot of condensation inside the pack and it'll be heavy, but you'll be glad you got it when you're standing in a 60 minute line in direct sunshine.

    re: the Lazy River, I can see how even the most militant of hydrophobes could enjoy the LR. We had season passes to Six Flags (when it WAS 6 Flags) and spent HOURS in their water park, MOST of that time slowly tubin' down their LR. Sunny and I discovered that there was actually a LOT of $$$ to be made in the LR and especially the wave pool: folk came in non-swimming apparel (that is, jeans and shorts) got too damned hot, went in the water with their pants on, and lost all their change. Sunny and I once made THIRTY BUCKS in the wave pool (we not only WORE bathing suits, but we both had GOGGLES, and mine were prescription. We became EXPERTS at identifying varying coinage underwater, and we could tell the difference 'tween a quarter and nickel underwater from 8' away-- THAT'S how much time WE spent in the LR!!)

    Vacations are wonderful. They don't make your work or your problems GO AWAY, they're still there waitin' for ya' when you come home. However, vacations allow you to close your eyes and mentally disappear for a few moments when the shit REALLY starts getting deep. These moments are what keep you going and keep you from killing your coworkers.

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