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Monday, April 18, 2005
My Wall
I have this one wall, next to my bed that is all mine. No one else really sees it. Visitors generally are not up in my bedroom. I can put anything on it I want. After 5 years of living in this house I was looking at my wall and wondering what people would think of me is they should see my wall. I have a plaque my sister gave me. It's porcelain and shaped like a heart. It says sisters are forever friends. I have the red hat poem that is matted and beautifully framed. I bought that at "Show of Hands" at Great Northern Mall. I also have the picture from the Spencer Tunick photo shoot last summer in Cleveland.
Above all of these things I have a shelf that has a Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls sitting on it. They are about 2 1/2 feet tall that I got when my grandmother died. Sitting between Ann and Andy is a My Twinn doll of me when I was an infant that my mother gave me.
Certainly a wide variety of things. Some of them would cause a person to think that a child or teenager hung things on the wall. But then you see the picture of people's rumps and the red hat poem. The rumps show a little wild streak and the red hat shows repsponsibilty.
Someone just looking would think I am a split personality. In a way, I guess I am.
When I think of myself, I still think of myself in my late teens, early twenties. I do not think about the gray hair of the emerging spider veins. In reality I am marching my way to middle age. That is the responsibility for the kids, the house, and everything else involved in being an adult.
Looking at it now I think my wall shows who I was and where I'm going. Middle aged but not yet ready to grow up!
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  • At April 18, 2005 7:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I think it's important to note that there are about 3 THOUSAND naked rumps in that Tunick photo, and they're all nude outdoors on the 9th St. Pier in Cleveland, AND that all o' them folks showed up when the weather was about 57 degrees AAAND we were all laying DOWN on COBBLESTONES, nude, in 57 degree weather, near the lake with all it's breezes.

    NOW, having said all o' that, allow me to continue.

    In the fall I'm turnin' 37 and it always amazes me. How in the hell did I get so OLD? My 20th highschool reunion is coming up in 2 years! Inside my head, I feel either 8 years old (when I don't know what the hell is going on around me) or in my mid 20's (when i do). I sometimes have to remind myself not to do something totally silly and goofy as men my age aren't supposed to do such things. I guess this "what happened?" feeling is universal, but that don't make it any easier to take.

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