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Thursday, October 05, 2006
Way behind and out of step
I don't know what it is this year. I am having problems finding my back to school rhythm. Usually within a few weeks the kids and I have a routine down and things move along pretty smoothly. This year we keep bumping along but not quite in step. I am going to use this entry to catch up on my Meme's that Orange keeps throwing at me.

1. Would you bungee jump? No, it looks painful. The falling part I would have no problem with, its the being jerked back up and then hanging by whatever body part. I'll pass. I've actually been looking into going sky diving though.

2. If You Could Do Anything In The World For A Living What Would It Be? Well, the top thing I would want to be is not on the world, I would love to go into space...Unfortunately I am too tall and too dumb and too poor. So an earth bound job would to be a cruise critic. I could handle being on the water 300 days out of the year, being feared by cruise lines...

3. Your favorite fictional animal? Oh jeeze...this is going to sound weird...There is a comic strip I've been reading since it started in 1979 called For Better or for Worse. The dog in that strip for several years was Named Farley. Farley was a wonderful dog. He got into the normal everyday dog stuff but was also very loving and smart. Farley died in the strip several years ago and I felt like I lost a friend.

4. One person that never fails to make you laugh? Orange always makes me laugh...even when he's just talking, his observations make me look around and laugh at th absurdity of life.

5. When you were twelve years old, what did you want to be when you grew up? An astronaut...see number 2.

6. What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? On weekdays, answer the damn telephone cause hubby is calling to wake my butt up. I have a tendency to hit the snooze alarm for an hour or more. Hubby calling makes me actually get up out of bed.
Weekends the first thing I do is think "Where are my smokes...oh yeah I'm a non smoker now."

7. Have you ever gone to therapy? Well my mom wanted to take me when I was a kid...she did not handle finding out that I wasn't a virgin well and wanted to make sure her "fits" didn't make me fridgid (snort.) Well, I didn't want to go and made sure her car was not operational on the morning of the appointment.
The next time was when my oldest step-daughter's shrink suggested we have a joint session. The kid started screaming at me, I waited for the shrink to tell her to cut it out. She didn't, so I left.
The last time was when Hubby and I were fighting constantly over above mentioned step-daughter. We went to a marriage shrink. When told of what was going on and how we were each handling the issues, I could see she agreeded with me and pushed hubby into getting step-daughter tested for several different things...Unfortunately it was too late to get her into any meaningful therapy. Hubby and I learned to communicate for effectively though. At least I did...hubby does when I remind him.

8. If you could have one super power what would it be? Ohhhh, this is difficult. I love the idea of being invisible...though x-ray vision is also amazing. Flying would be so cool, imagine never having to pay for another plane ticket! The superpower I think I want though is to be able to eat whatever the heck I want and not be able to gain an ounce. Anyone who thinks that is not a superpower is either very young or a guy!

8. Your favorite cartoon character? Cartoons...I used to love getting up on Saturday mornings and watch cartoons. Thanks to Nickolodean and Cartoon Network it is a lost tradition to today's kids. My daddy and I would sit on the couch and watch the Roadrunner and Wiley Coyote. I loved watching the coyote keep trying to catch the roadrunner, no matter what. I think that is probably my favorite character.

9. Do you think marriage is an outdated ritual? Hell no, without marriage we wouldn't be able to say what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine. Plus alimony, child support, part of your retirement...
Sorry...Marriage isn't for everyone and shouldn't be forced on people by society. That being said it should also be allowed for anyone who wants to get married regardless of their sexual orientation.

10. Do you go to church? Being Pagan, church is where ever and when ever I want. So I guess the answer is yes.

12. Do you own a gun? - Not yet. Hubby asked that we not have one in the house while we have kids in the house. I just found out recently that he really doesn't want me to ever have one (wonder what he's worrying about) I plan on honoring the first request, but once the kids are out of the house I plan on buying one. I love to go to the shooting range. It's a great stress release and I'm good at it.

13. Have you ever hit someone of the opposite sex?- Yep, twice. First time when I was 17, I hit a guy with a great uppercut punch. Knocked him over a table. Normally I don't hold with hitting people (threatening to beat my children aside) but this guy was trying to get my boyfriend to hit him. My boyfriend was 25 and I was a minor...I knew who would get in less trouble. Turned out that the guy I hit was too embarrassed to admit a girl laid him flat so he never called the cops.
Second time was when hubby and I were getting into it. I was yelling at the above mentioned step-daughter and he was trying to shove me back into the house. He accidentally shoved me into the door frame and I let him know I didn't appreciate it with a gut shot. The next day we called the above mentioned therapist.

14. Have you ever sung in front of a large number of people? In school choirs yes, by myself, NO! I don't even like to sing Happy Birthday and family gatherings!

15. What's the first thing you notice about the preferred sex? Mainly height. Being rather tall for a girl I tend to notice guys height. Not that I really care out height, I've dated guys who hovered around my shoulders when I'm wearing flats. It's just something I notice then automatically calculate how high a heel I could wear.

16. What is your biggest mistake? My biggest mistakes are one's I can't regret because good things came out of them. First was marrying my ex-husband, but from that I got my two girls. Second was moving back to this po-dunk town. When I got out of the military I should have moved somewhere/anywhere else. It's best to keep a few hundred miles between my mother and me. But, if I hadn't I wouldn't have met my husband. Oh-well. Maybe the biggest mistake I can claim that doesn't have any real repercussions is ever getting involved with this one guy in high school. Word to future generations, stay away from your best friend's brothers!!

17. Say something totally random about yourself. My fingers are double jointed. I can bend them so far back they almost touch my wrist.

18. Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity? Nope, don't care too either. I prefer to look like me rather than someone else.

19. What is the most romantic thing someone of the opposite sex has done for you? When hubby and I were dating one of my daughters got a good size head cold. While taking care of her, I caught it. I was living at my folks at the point in time and when I was home my mother did nothing to help out with the kids. So, I was sick as a dog and getting no rest because I was trying to take care of the kid that was sick and the one that was well. Hubby came over to see how we were doing, saw how sick I was. Told me to pack a bag for the kids and myself. He took us to his house and took the next day off work to take care of us. I slept until almost noon. He took care of the sick kid, got the well one off to school. If I hadn't already loved him madly I would have fallen in love right then.

20. Do you actually read these when other people fill them out? Yes, I'm nosey.

Book Meme

1)A Book That Has Changed Your Life
I can't remember the title...but I remember the line in the book that changed my life. Oof oof said Poof. It was the very first sentence I read all on my own. I was amazed, I was enchanted, and I was laughing at the picture of the pig on the page. Since then I have read thousands of books. I love to read, I have instilled that love in my children.

2)A Book That You Have Read More Than Once:
There is not enough bandwidth on the internet to list all of the books I have read more than once. So let's just hit a few of the favorites...
The Stand by Stephen King. Classic tale of good vs evil. I love the characters and the idea of the devil being in Las Vegas!
Executive Order by Tom Clancey - I just like the way Jack Ryan rebuilds the government and the IRS. We need someone like him in office!
Watchers by Dean Koontz - I like the idea of a dog being as smart of smarter than us.
Paradise by Judith McNaught - Just a really good romance novel.

3)A Book That Makes You Laugh:
It's not really a book, but a series of them. The Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.
The theme basically centers around this woman who loses her job as a lingerie buyer and goes to work for her cousin Vinnie in his bail bond office as a bounty hunter. The books are hilarious. If you can get past the first 100 pages in the first book, you'll read them all.

4)A Book That Makes You Cry:
Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks. The book was pretty good but the ending was senseless. He has a thing about death. I prefer books with something resembling a happy ending.

5)A Book You wish You Had Written:
The DaVinci Code...good book, lots of money, movie...

6)A Book You wish Had Never Been Written:
The Chamber by John Grisham. I just didn't like it. It was a little draggy, and then they killed him in the end. What a downer.

7)A Book You've Been Meaning To Read:
Again, not enough bandwidth on the internet for this. The one I am planning on buying next is Wicked and Son of a Witch. I've been waiting for those to come out in paperback and for a nice fall day when I can curl up all weekend and read them back to back.
posted by Raven @ 12:22 PM  
  • At October 06, 2006 2:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    One other question...Is anything other than you fingers double-jointed!?

  • At October 06, 2006 9:56 PM, Blogger Raven said…

    No, sorry...only the fingers. My one really useless talent.

  • At October 07, 2006 4:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "WATCHERS"! Damn, I've been trying to remember the name of that damn book since we visited the golden retriever puppies a fortnight ago! Thanks!

    Meanwhile, re: getting into the groove of things... Well, Mr. Stinky Pants woke up at 2:45 AM, so our whole day is now off kilter if that makes y'all feel any better, and I find myself dreaming of Christmas all the damned time. I wonner what that means?

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