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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Terrible Twos....
I stole this off of J.A. Kowing's blog. Stop over there and read some of his stuff. He's pretty funny. I love his bit about body scratch.

2 Names You Go By
1. Mom
2. Bitch (depends on who you talk to, in some cases it could be the same person.)

2 Parts of Your Heritage
1. Scottish (could be where the stubborn part comes in)
2. Polish (this is where the occasional blank look comes in while I wait for the rest of my heritage to take back over my brain)

2 Things that Scare You
1. Water (I can only swim in a chaotic kind of crawl)
2. Closed in places (the walls aren't moving...are they?)

2 of Your Everyday Essentials
1. My tea...must have tea in the morning!
2. Cell Phone. (I talk to my hubby who is out of state 4 days a week on my lunch and breaks. Makes it feel like he's not gone as much)

2 Things You are Wearing Right Now
1. My pink breast cancer awareness bracelet
2. A bohemian type top I bought on ebay a couple of years ago.

2 of Your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists
1. Eagles
2. Gun's n Roses (yes my 80's tendencies are coming out...deal)

2 of Your Favorite Songs
1. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor
2. Pressure by Billy Joel (yes more 80's...I actually got a speeding ticket listening to the second one a couple of weeks ago. Didn't realize I was going almost 90...oops)

2 Things You Want in a Relationship (Other than Real Love)
1. Someone who waits until I am done talking to respond to what I have said (working on it)
2. Someone who can cook better than me (got that!)

2 Truths
1. I work very hard at making sure I don't become my mother.
2. The bible was written by men and interpreted by men.

2 Physical Things that Appeal to You (In the Opposite Sex)
1. Laugh lines around his eyes
2. Clean fingernails when you know they have been doing a lot of manual labor recently.

2 of Your Favorite Hobbies
1. Reading everything from romance novel, New York Times Bestsellers, Wicca books, to the ketchup bottle.
2. Crocheting. I can't do it well yet, but it keeps my hands busy

2 Things You want Really Badly
1. For hubby to be able to find a local job that pays well.
2. New kitchen cabinets

2 Places You Want to Go on Vacation
1. Atlantis
2. Europe...all over it...Preferably backpacking but I'll take anything I can get.

2 Things You Want to Do Before you Die
1. Skydive
2. Get an honest answer from my mother as to how she justifies treating my step-kids different that my children to herself.

2 Ways You are Stereotypically a Dude/Chick
1. I love seducing my husband
2. Bugs freak me out...creepy crawly things...ewwww

2 Things You are Thinking About Right Now
1. If I can manage to do 40 minutes on the exercise bike and try swimming for a half hour without cramping up tomorrow morning.
2. How can I get my kids out of my room so I can go to bed after I finish this.

2 Stores You Shop At
1. Walmart
2. Circuit City

2 People I would like to see take this quiz
1. Orange
2. Princess Greenpearl I love reading both of their blogs.

That's it...now to try and get the kids out...night all.
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