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Monday, November 07, 2005
Risk it again?
I just love home ownership. NOT!!! Yes, you can put up a damn shelf or picture wherever you want. I don't have neighbors stomping overhead at 3am. I can plant whatever the hell I want to outside...but the rest of it sucks. The roof leaks and I'm the one up there fixing it. The furnace goes 2 weeks before Christmas and I better find the money to get it replaced.
Thanks to being the oldest daughter (no sons) to a man who was pretty handy I picked up quite a bit growing up, but there are some areas I don't like. I've already delved into my forays with electricity in this blog. The newest one is plumbing.
The toilet in the downstairs bathroom would keep running unless you jiggled the handle. No big deal in my opinion. I had no problem jiggling and waiting for the opportunity to get to Home Depot for new parts to the interior of the toilet tank. My husband decided he wanted to fix it. When he was done the toilet sported a new handle and now did not stop running when you jiggled it...you actually had to take the lid off the tank and play with the inner workings...fun! So, when I am taking off the lid after using the facilities I place it on the sink and start playing around seeing if I can figure out why it isn't working the way it should. I finally give up and go to put the lid back on the tank and one of the kids watches falls off the lid and down the sink drain. No, the stopper was not in it! Damn. I try to get it out, but it slipped all the way down to the bend. So now I have a toilet and a sink I really can't use and no time to try and take this crap apart during the week to try and fix it. I swear next time I'm going to come back as a house cat. They don't have to deal with this kind of crap!
posted by Raven @ 8:02 PM  
  • At November 08, 2005 1:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Well, you could BE a housecat and crap in a box and eat cheap tuna... Might make for some interesting stories, at the v. least.

    You know, home ownership is supposed to be one of the all-American DREAMS that everyone is supposed to aspire to, and i did too until I realized how damned convienent it is to live in a place where if ANYTHING breaks, someone will come and fix it free o' charge. The damned SHOWER DOOR fell off @ our last pad, tore out thru the plaster n' everthing, and some dude came and fixed it. Same thing w/the dishwasher, the stuck pocket door an' the clicking ceiling fan. We've also got a swimming pool within spitting distance of our back porch door AAAND we don't have to MOW anything (we can plant whatever we want, but we don't give a hoot 'bout THAT).

    When I dream fondly of having a house-- a BIG one to store all our crap in, I realize that if the furnace DOES blow up (or in our case, the AC goes on the blink in August) or the shower door falls off or the toilet blows up, WE'LL have to fix it w/$$$ we don't have. I've given serious reconsideration to the whole Dream of Home Ownership... I'm giving it MORE reconsideration realizing that neither I nor mine goodwife will have to replace toilet bits anytime in the forseeable future...

  • At November 11, 2005 4:30 PM, Blogger Jas... said…

    I don't envy you. I rent, and I pay less per month than most homeowners out here in California, but I sure would love to be putting my money into something other than useless rent, like some equity!

    Excellent blog, you have here! I added it to my favorites folder! Hope you don't mind.

  • At November 11, 2005 9:43 PM, Blogger Raven said…

    Orange...It would be so nice to be able to just call someone for free to come and fix my stuff. I could do it and pay for it, but pride and pocketbook stand in the way. I know how to do it, why should I pay someone? I also just don't have the time either. You dream of a big house, and I'm going to dream of a small condo somewhere warm. (No, not Florida, too damn muggy)
    J.A. - Add away, I don't mind in the least. Comment when ever you want. The only thing I like about homeownership is the equity part. It is like a savings account, but it better be able to pay for my commitment to the funny farm when it drives me insane!

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