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Saturday, December 23, 2006
The joys and sorrows of Christmas
I love Christmas. It is my favorite time of year. People are generally in a better mood. Peace on earth goodwill towards man thing going on. This year I could afford to tip well the people who I think deserve it. The woman who takes care of me at the pub each week got $50, my manicurist today got $10, the women who did me and my children's hair (just a trim) today each got $15. I love giving to others. It's the joy of seeing the thanks on their faces and knowing you helped someone else. This year the kids and I adopted a family in need and gave items for a teenage girl who would not have a merry a Christmas without a little help. That's the joy of Christmas.
The sorrow is that there is still war and sickness in the world. We are still losing our service men and women in Iraq. The number is now over 3,000. And the sickness is everywhere. I lost my dog to diabetes this year, my father-in-law to cancer and I just found out last night that my aunt has leukemia. The kind she has has only a 35% rate of survival. The older you get the lower it goes and she is in her 50's. Those are the sorrows.
For those of you out there that are having a merry Christmas, spread the goodwill to others. For those of you that are not, I hope that there is some one in your lives, whether you know it or not, who loves you unconditionally and is praying for you.
Merry Christmas...
posted by Raven @ 7:22 PM  
  • At December 24, 2006 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I greeted both my children with a hearty "merry Christmas!! Santa comes tonight!" as they decended the stairs. We're re-decorating the tree today as they've stripped the thing bare and the dog chewed through one strand of lights.

    We pick up Sunflower in Daytona Beach in an hour or so, and I think after a solid week of partying at Disney and Sea World with her mom's family (a reunion--hence why she's in the Sunshine State in the first place) she's looking forward to hanging out w/the po' folken.

    We bought a 25-fucking-pound turkey for dinner tomorrow, meaning we'll be eating turkey until Plough Monday and beyond. We've been watching a whole series of Christmas shows, including:

    "Veggie Tales: The star of Christmas"

    "Muppets Christmas Carol"

    "Magoo's Christmas Carol"

    "Charlie Brown Christmas"

    and all those time-honoured Rankin-Bass flix (except "Frosty the Snowman-- he gets on my nerves)

    There is war, there is sorrow, there is pain. Hundreds of servicemen & women are getting their heads shot off for a war no one believes in anymore. I am, however, in the Spirit of the Season doing what a good friend suggested to me the other day and NOT focusing on that crap for at LEAST the next 48 hours. I may have to get wildly drunk to do this, but her advice is sound and I'm going to focus on givin' me kids a nice Christmas.

    Even the dog has TWO pig ears on the floor and in the spirit of the season, I'm letting her chew on the handle of my screwdriver, instead.

    stupid fuckin' dog.


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