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Wednesday, June 07, 2006
Just wondering...
When did we become a nation of entitlements? When did we decide that the government should take care of us? I don't usually comment on political things. I have strong ideas on somethings, but they are mine...I don't expect anyone to agree with me. But tonight I have a bug up my ass. So I decided to vent here.
I was watching season 4 of Quantum Leap tonight. This is one of my favorite shows. If you don't know the premise...this guy is basically time hopping putting things right. So, early in the 4th season they have an episode where he leaps into 1969, during Hurricane Camille. They showed a lot of footage during the show of the actual hurricane. But, after the show, during the closing credits they showed a lot of footage of the aftermath. It was horrible.
Now Katrina was also horrible. But from the research I have some, the people in those areas did not wait for the government to bus them out. They shoved 8 to 10 people (yeah I know they were bigger cars then) in a car and got the hell out of Dodge. They did not wait for the government to come in and feed them, they pooled their resources and everyone got something to eat. They did not wait for the insurance company to get the contractors in there, the neighbors worked on one house at a time until everyone at least had a place to live. They sure as hell did not leave dead bodies on the sides of the road to wait for a news crew to show up. That was someone's child, parent, grandparent laying there and they deserved some respect.
So, when did we decide that the government is responsible for our home and welfare? And what happens when we forget how to take care of ourselves?
posted by Raven @ 9:25 PM  
  • At June 09, 2006 6:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Being a lot closer to ground zero, and having had a small influx of displaced Orleanians here in Jax, I think we might have heard a lot more about this than y'all Yanks up there. Interestingly enuff, no one has approached this topic from this aspect.

    Not as many folken left, of course, 'cuz they x-pected the levees to hold, and N.O. is so profoundly poor. That's part of it, but not the whole story, as you pointed out also has that whole 'every man for himself' aspect: dead bodies just LEFT there.

    I think it's indicative of our entire culture: I think we're getting a LOT more MEMEMEMEME!!! as the years pass, and I think we're looking for someone else to bail our asses out (or to blame-- BLAME is a VERY big part o' our culture).

    Then again, Katrina was SUCH an incredible cluster-fuck of mismanagement on SO VERY MANY levels, maybe people just plain ol' shut down? I dunno. I do unnerstand yer frustration, tho...

    Let's get Ann Coulter on it! I hear she's bashing 9/11 widows in her new book, so clearly she's got an answer to everything. SHE'S one of the Queens of blame.

  • At June 09, 2006 1:38 PM, Blogger Redneck Nerdboy! said…

    Lot of folks are sheep. But not me or my family. Hell no.

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