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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
Tagged...I'm it...
I asked for it and I got it. Redneck gave me the letter M...so here is my contribution to the mangling of the English language. If you feel the need to contribute, leave a request for a letter in the comments section and I will read you online aura and assign you one. The rules are you must write 10 words that begin with the letter you are assigned and then explain the significance of that letter.

M is for Mother. Something I am many times over. I have 2 daughters, 2 step-daughters, and a step-son. I became a mother at the age of 20. At the time I was relativelyy happily married to my first husband. A little over year later I became a mother again and 6 weeks after that I became a single mother. Fast Forward several years I met my husband and became a step-mother. Hubby loses his job and suddenly I became a married single mother. The word mother also comes into play quite a bit when I am driving. Road Rage is my friend.
My kids have a very healthy vocabulary of swear words should they ever decide to use it...out of my hearing of course.

M is for meander. I pretty much just meander through life. I have no real set goals. I am not one that has a life plan. I enjoy doing things by the seat of my pants. Many people I know can not relate to this type of philosophy, but it's what makes me happy. Imagine looking back in 5 years and happily saying, oh look...I accomplished this and this and this. The type with the life plan, if something goes off track look back and say, well I didn't get this done and this is still behind and I didn't get as big a raise as I wanted.
On the other hand, in my old age I will probably be one of those people working at Walmart asking if you would like a cart and living on cat food.

M is for Malcontent. I don't like the word no. While as a mother I say the word quite often I don't think I ever grew up enough to here the word directed at me. Now don't get me wrong, I can handle rejection, and I'm not spoiled and need things to be my way. The word no though, it gets under my skin. For example, one company I was working for was having issues with a work flow process. Now I am not in IT but I do know a little about coding. I knew that writing around 10 more lines of code, enough to add a nother process to the flow and it would resolve the problems. I was told no, we are not adding any customizations to the software. So, instead we had software that really did not work for us. I also don't like the term I don't know. My kids know they should preface that statement by saying I will find out the answer.

M is for Mask. My husband suggested this one. I have a definite mask in place for most of the world to see. I have worked very hard to get that mask of being a hard hearted bitch in place. Only a few chosen people get to see the real me, or those that knew me before the mask was complete. My husband likes to point out that underneath that mask I am as gooey as a cooked marshmallow. I keep telling him if he lets that get out I'm going to show him a few other hard things applied to different points on his anatomy!

M is for Medieval. I love history. I detested the subject in school, but since then I have really taken a liking to the subject. In school they teach history as war to war. There is so much in between. Guess where I first started to learn bits and realized I wanted to know more? Come on take a guess...romance novels. Many of the historical ones are based around actual events. Many of the classes we took in school also only concentrate on America or Europe. The world is a huge place, there is more to it than those small sections. For instance, do you know what was happening in Turkey while Christopher Columbus was discovering America? I do.

M is for Milk and Cookies. I know, it's not one word...but it starts with it. I had to include it because it is one of my all time favorite snacks. I love Oreos and milk. At Christmas I make chocolate chip cookies and eat them with milk. Another part of me that I guess never grew up. Because of Weight Watchers, I don't indulge in this as much as I would like. While there are the 100 calorie packs of Oreos, they just aren't the same.

M is for meteor. I've always had afascinationn with space. Even with the different space shuttle disasters, if they were looking for another ordinary citizen to go into space, I would jump at the chance. Since the Challenger exploded in 1986, the chance of that happening are pretty much nil in my lifetime. One of my personalhero'ss is Christa McAuliffe, the teacher who died on that shuttle mission. Her dedication to space and to teaching are an inspiration to me.

M is for MBA. Which I have, but so far have done nothing with. In today's job market it is almost essential to have this to get a job doing anything. Even teaching jobs at the local community college takes a doctorate. Where are these jobs our government have promised us with a recovering job market? We aren't seeing it here in my little section of the world. Right now my MBA is just a nice thing to put on y resume, but it doesn't have any real value. Maybe later, when and if things improve I'll be able to put it to use.

M is for movies. Flannery did a whole entry on how she and her family are giving up movies. She is a better person than me. I have a whole list on my wall at work with the movies I want to see and the dates they come out. Here is my list, though a few of them I'vealreadyy seen. United 93, RV, Akeelah and the Bee, MI3, Da Vinci Code,Poseidonn, X3, Superman Returns. I'm sure there are more but that's it for now. The thing I hate most about summer movies is I don't have a big coat to sneak candy into the movie in. I have to try and cram it in my purse. That is, if I take candy. Many times, thanks to Weight Watchers, I forgo the candy and just get a small popcorn and a water. I really miss youth and the hummingbird metabolism that comes with it!

M is for Mini Doxie. My last entry was about the new member of the family we picked up last Saturday. His name is Fritz and he is adorable. I will post more pictures when we find the digital camera. I forgot though about how much a puppy is like a new baby. It makes me realize how glad I am that I had my children young and when I married Hubby (who is 17 years older than me) he did not want any more children. Fritz wakes up in the middle of the night wanting to play, taken outside, eat...just like a new baby with the exception of going outside, substitute a new diaper there. He gets into things he shouldn't, stumbles around a lot. Annoys his sisters (the cats). He is also so cute you can't stay mad at him. My daughters got a glimpse of what parenthood is like when you are upset with a child and they give you a look and you heart just melts. I explained that is built in because if it wasn't no child would live past the age of 3.

That's it...those are my 10 words. All done while I was work today. Well, at least it kept me busy!
posted by Raven @ 9:06 AM  
  • At May 17, 2006 4:21 PM, Blogger Redneck Nerdboy! said…

    First of all, I laughed aloud when I read "mangling of the English language" ! You did brilliantly.

    I have chosen to shed the mask I'd worn for the world to see since childhood (see my last few posts). It was getting to where I could not feel anything and my senses were diminished to the point that I experienced nearly nothing at all. Shedding that mask completely was the only way to go, and I will have to experience the bad with the good. I'm ready. I think.

    Milk and cookies are absolutely SINFUL. Mmmm...

    I'm glad you liked this one! :D


  • At May 19, 2006 3:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I've shed enuff, thank'ee. What I REALLY need to shed is WEIGHT, but that's a horse of a different colour.

    I like it too, Rave! Grand stuff!

  • At May 25, 2006 7:49 PM, Blogger Flannery Alden said…

    Great post. It's good to learn more about you.

    I love movies too. Don't get me wrong, tho, I'm not giving them up. I'm just giving up paying for them. Wish me luck on that.

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