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Tuesday, March 14, 2006
The kids have more of a life than I do...
Let's see here...Last Friday they had a dance at the school. My sister chaperoned and then took them over to her house for a sleepover. Then on Saturday morning I went picked up Mandy to take her to the Power of the Pen competition. The team as a whole did well, butt we won't find out if Mandy goes on to the state competition until later this week.
This weekend we have Mandy in the regionals for the Scripps Spelling Bee. On St. Patty's Day!!! Who planned this?! Laura is going to have to go the Irish Heritage Club and play in the Bagpipe band that night. So Hubby and I are going to have to split up. I won the card draw on who goes where (the Irish Heritage Club being the much more fun option) but I really don't want to deal with my parents alone, so I let him go and I'll go to the spelling bee. Also next weekend the twins are getting confirmed, so we have to go to that.
With all of this, we had to fit Hubby's birthday in somewhere. So we celebrated it last weekend, a week early. Hubby requested Angel Food Cake and we went to a great Mexican restaurant we love. Wonderful food and outstanding margarita's. Hubby's big gift was a 60GB MP3 player. This will store all of his music and audio books for his drives each week.
I printed out a 700 page list of word's used during the Scripps Spelling Bee's for Mandy to study. If she places at this one she will go on to the National one in Washington DC in June. I am very proud of her. Not so much for the academic part of it. I always knew she was smart enough. More for the courage to get up there in front of everyone and still think logically. She is very shy and every year before this she was disqualified for silly mistakes because she was rattled at people watching her.
Laura on the other hand is getting a D+ in math this quarter. Poor kid...I see shades of my math abilities in her. She is in a bit of trouble because of this because she blew off something like 10 homeworks and that got her very behind in the class. Laura is still trying to find her own way and style and I am trying to help her where I can, but she still has to do the school work. I'm not looking for A's, just an effort. Speaking of effort, this reminded me I have to call her math teacher and try and find out where Laura is blowing it so I can try and tutor her a little. She and I seem to have issues with math in the same way and I am able to explain things to her in ways she understands.
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  • At March 14, 2006 1:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    ::sigh:: I know the feeling. Between Lil' Miss Thang's pageants on most weekends (with Mr. Munch and I staying home) I feel like THEY have the life and WE don't... Actually, we DON'T: our big deal lately was when T's Auntie came up from the Clearwater area to get outta Dodge and we watched Harry Potter & Goblet and Hellboy over the weekend. then we went to CiCi's. I suppose at least you're getting OUT of the house, which is good... (then again, we're getting into the stage of the year when we can get out back and go swimming, so perhaps everything comes out in da' warsh??)

  • At March 23, 2006 3:08 PM, Blogger Redneck Nerdboy! said…

    I don't remember doing that many things when I was a kid! Maybe there's just more to do these days than football and high school band.

    Oh well, that's why it's our solomn duty to live vicariously through our children, right? Right?

  • At March 23, 2006 10:06 PM, Blogger Raven said…

    I know there are parents out there that push their kids into 20 different activities. I'm not one of them. The only thing I try to encourage are the bag pipe lessons because that is basically a paid college education at one of the colleges up here. The rest of this crap they come up with on their own. I can't wait until they can drive themselves to a few things. Though then I'll be at home and a nervous wreck!

  • At April 23, 2007 5:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hahahahaha....and we still do.
    Goth Girl: Yeah, I do still see shades of your math skills in me...Gee, thanks.
    Ravenclaw/Dippy Daughter: Soooo glad I didn't make it to Scripps. You remember that blond girl who asked for the origin, definition, etc. three times for EVERY one to be safe, but still got out? I think her head would have exploded. Best to be kind...

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