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Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Interesting way of thinking of things
I heard this on the TV the other night. I really wasn't paying much attention, I don't even know what was on, but this little segment stuck with me.

500 Years ago we didn't know about Pluto.
5 Years ago it was a planet.
Yesterday it was not a planet.
Has Pluto changed? No, just our perception of it.

So, our perception of something as large as Pluto changed it in our minds. Made us recatalog it in our brains. Now, granted, Pluto is not a huge impact on any of our lives. But can we use that same philosophy on our own lives?

How much can the problems of our lives be made better if we just change our perception of the issue. The issue itself does not change, but we can try turning it from something that controls our life to something we can control.

Sorry, that's today's heavy thought.

On a lighter note, I decided I was being entirely too serious at the office and when I got my nails done this week I had them paint little jack-o-lanterns on them. It should be fun to watch the reactions.
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  • At October 24, 2007 8:41 PM, Blogger Hot Lemon said…

    I've got the perfect quote for you:

    “On a recent Sunday evening, Theo came up with an aphorism: The bigger you think, the crappier it looks. Asked to explain, he said, ‘when we go on about the big things, the political situation, global warming, world poverty, it all looks really terrible, with nothing getting better, nothing to look forward to. But when I think small, closer in, you know, a girl I’ve just met or this song we’re going to do with Chaz, or snowboarding next month, then it looks great! So, this is going to be my motto: 'think small.’

    ---Ian McEwan

  • At October 26, 2007 10:46 AM, Blogger Matt-Man said…

    Enjoy the Nail O' Lanterns and have a good weekend Raven. Cheers!!

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